January 17, 2009

Day 007 : Ho Chi Minh City

Last night I hopped in a taxi with Lien and Sinh to 'The Village' where Lien grew up. It was about a 40 minute ride from Ho Chi Minh City. In the morning I stumbled downstairs to a nice hot bowl of Pho at Pho Hyunh, a family friend of The Dangs.
Their home seems to be of the typical type in Vietnam. Generally speaking the homes/businesses here are at least two stories high. The front of the ground floor becomes the space for doing business, whether it is selling pho, cell phones, clothing, etc. The back part of the ground floor serves as a general livings space and the upper level provides the bedrooms.

Upper level exterior space for showering and drying clothing.

Breakfast on the lower level. Mmmm...Pho!

A girl at the local market gets deep in fish guts.

My first dragon fruit at Baba's.

Later we grabbed some bicycles and headed for the countryside! Along the way I found some pretty awesome things:

Apparently at some point the government took over plots of land to develop factories then relocated the residents to desolate dwellings like this. You can see the smoke of one of the factories in the distance...

Along the way Baba got a flat tire! We thought we would not be able to continue our bicycle ride, but some friendly neighbors had all the right tools to get us up and riding again.

When we returned to the village it was about 14:00 or so. It seemed that the entire town was taking an afternoon siesta. I don't blame them...it's hard work starting your day at 4:00!

After a little afternoon siesta of my own we returned to Ho Chi Minh City to spend the night at Cindy's place before heading to the Mekong Delta tomorrow. When we arrived we headed straight for the roof to get some fresh, cool(er) air. Check out the view(s)!

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