February 4, 2009

Day 024 : Halong Bay

This morning I hopped on a bus headed to Halong Bay. I had been axiously awaiting this portion of my stay in Vietnam - I was ready to see the floating villages. Along the way I passed some pretty beautiful water-filled rice fields that seemed to be laced together with towering electric lines.

As we approached Halong City the lumpy rock formations became more visable.

I hopped on a boat as soon as I reached Halong City. I had seen plenty of photographs of Halong Bay so I thought I knew what to expect...But upon arrival I realized that no photograph could ever describe how absolutely amazing this landscape is.

As I began to weave in and out of some of these thousands of islands I stumbled upon several floating homes. Typically each is a humble little home perched on a system of floating docks. The docks may be joined with others to create in a sense a floating neighborhood. The people that live here must genuinely love living on the water. My initial instinct was that the inhabitants of Halong Bay make a living via fishing, but that is not the case. Because Halong Bay is a World Heritage Site any time of commercial fishing is strictly prohibited.

As the sun began to set the monumentality of each rock island became more and more impressive.

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  1. It may be that no man is an island, but if we could all have one of those, what a wonderful world it might be.