February 14, 2009

Day 029 : Bombay

Today was my first day in India. Tripty and her father , Mr. Arya, have been absolutely wonderful hosts. They were kind enough to pick me up from the airport late last night, then show me around the city today. Coming from Vietnam I am a bit numb to the crowds and chaos by now. The one thing that does strike me though is how large this city actually is, and how long it takes to get places! Bombay doesn't have an underground metro system so the main modes of transportation are car, overcrowded trains, overcrowded buses, and rickshaws (which I have nicknamed 'Bumble Bees') - You'll see why later...In general tseems as though it takes at least half and hour to an hour to get anywhere in this place! I don't have many photos from day one in Bombay...I was more focused on getting a general sense of the place.

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  1. Thank god you updated! I was worried that a mean curry got the better of you. More updatez plz. thx.