February 14, 2009

Day 031 : Goa

This morning Tripty and I woke up super early to catch the 7:00am train southbound to Goa. We had purchased 2nd class AC three tier train tickets. I must admit, I was excited and anxious for my first train ride in India! Luckily Tripty and I had our own personal space (well as personal as it can get on an Indian train) in side compartment just off the circulation path. This meant we had the whole lower bunk to ourselves! Tripty did a lot of studying, I did a lot of gazing.
Tripty's pretty cute, right...almost as cute as the old man across from us that slept for the entire 12 hours!

At some point during the 12 hour journey I decided 'when in India do as the Indians do' so I set out to see the view from the steps of the car.
A few sites along the way...

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