February 27, 2009

Day 035 : Bombay

Laundry Bombay Style!!! Today I had the pleasure to swing by this spot in the city where TONS (literally) of clothes are washed daily. The architecture of the space was pretty intense, totally determined by the flow and usage of water. I also found it interesting how the wet clothes in a sense act as a shading device to provide protection from the hot Bombay sun. I really wanted to stay longer to observe how the space evolves throughout the course of the day. Cliche...I know, but interesting nonetheless.

From the urban washing machine I head for the Sasoon Docks. There I found several interesting urban activities taking place.

Today I also got a chance to visit the construction site of Tripty's first ground up project! Extremely impressive Ms. Arya! We were able to climb throughout the 5 floors like a couple of monkeys.

Click here for Bombay photos!

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