March 16, 2009

Day 046 : Katra

This morning me, Tripty, and Vasu Uncle began our 13 kilometer trek up the mountain! The climb was intense at time, but there were lots of canopies that offered shade from the sun along the way, not to mention loads of vendors peddling nimbo pani (my favorite!) and nestea to keep us hydrated.

After loads of sweat, burning thighs, and hearing Vasu Uncle repeatedly say 'It's right around the corner' we were finally able to see the temple at Vaishno Devi in the distance. Needless to say it was pretty spectacular (but still far away)! Once we finally arrived I actually got special treatment from the priest (due to the fact that I was the only non-Hindu India on the entire mountain)!

Can't help but admire the construction methods of others...

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