March 19, 2009

Day 062 : Mcleodganj

I arrived at 7am this morning in Mcleodganj after a very long bus ride through the farmlands and mountains of northern India. Upon arrival a friendly Mcleodganj local that I met on the bus guided me to an area of town with various guesthouses. After being turned away from a couple due their lack of vacancies I found a nice little room for $8 a night. When I went to the roof to pay the owner I was blown away by the view.

After unpacking and a semi-warm shower I ventured out for a walk around town. At a certain point I ran into a large number of people that were beginning to gather. I had no idea that it was the 50th anniversary of Tibet’s failed uprising against Chinese rule. For this reason there were several events scheduled throughout the week, inluding numerous appearances by the Dalai Lama himself.

Later in the afternoon I went exploring a little further down the dirt road (which apparently led to the next village, Baghsu). Along the way I was able to see several of the mountain homes perched on hillsides.

In the evening a sunset candle light walk was organized as part of the 50th anniversary ceremonies.

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