March 19, 2009

Day 066 : Benares

Of course my train arrived late to Benares so I didn't actually set foot out in the city until after noon. I headed straight for the Ganges, seeing that I only have two days in this intriguing city. My hotel room is located at the Assi ghat, the furthest south ghat in the city. This afternoon I walked all the way from the south to the north. Along the way, as I suspected, there were some pretty spectacular sights. The urban collage of facades, steps, and other architectural elements was definitely one point of interest...
All of this stepped architecture and water talk made me think of this blog post by Mason White and friends that I recently came across, discussing the architecture of stepwell.

The sense of scale is definitely noteable.

The variation in scale of the typical step provides surfaces for walking, sitting, sleeping, washing, etc.

Speaking of washing, apparently it was bath time...

Along the river there were several of these boats packed with pilgrims.

I mean packed...

In the evening I went to the Dasaswwamedh Ghat to witness the nightly Aarti Ganga ceremony.

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