March 24, 2009

Day 075 : Tokyo

The other day Andrew had advised me to check out a bar in Shinjuku, so I wandered over one night and immediately thought 'Wow, this place is pretty cool! But there's no way in hell I am going to sit down and drink alone!' So I decided to return this afternoon to check it out in the daylight and do a little photo-essay if you will. Andrew had prefaced his recommendation of this specific bar, La Jetee, with:
"Its named after a famous film my Chris Marker, in another one of his films you can see the bar, and the owner in it when she was younger...its always the same bartender...this woman...its a kind film buff bar....also, supposedly this is Rem's favorite bar in Tokyo". Upon browsing around for a while I could fully understand the seedy, cinematic appeal of this place. I'm still trying to find more spots like it in Tokyo...

Later I met up with Kayo, this super sweet Japanese chick I was so fortunate to meet on the flight from New Delhi to Tokyo. I grabbed dinner with her and her boyfriend Jorge, then they whisked me away to a spot where I was suspended above the city. When we stepped out of the elevator I asked them 'Have you seen the film Lost in Translation?' and they replied 'Yes! It was shot here!' We were at the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt Hotel and boy oh boy was the view beautiful. It was nice to finally understand the city as a whole due to this bird's eye view. The urban fabric of Tokyo is totally draped over the landscape like a sparkling blanket. It is incredible.

Thank you Kayo and Jorge!!

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