May 9, 2009

Day 111 : Yangshuo

I am staying at a nice little bed and breakfast in a small village just outside of Yangshuo. This morning I hopped on a bike and took a long ride up and down the riverside. The path took me through several interesting villages and rice fields. The spaces, textures, and people were wonderful.

Many of the dwellings are centered around exterior courtyards. They seem to function similarly to those of the Hakka Houses. I found many locals in the courtyards simply socializing, washing clothes, and preparing meals.

Even the ducks (real and artificial) hang out in these spaces...

They make sure these kids learn the ins and outs of the rice fields at an early age.

Getting lost proved to be part of the fun! I found myself wandering into the homes of locals more often than not, asking for directions once the dirt paths lacing rice fields together became more and more unclear. This lovely lady was among the many that helped me get back on track.


  1. All of these are stunning. Speechless...

  2. Thanks Warren. I'm hoping to shoot as well as you someday!

  3. A-N-Y-W-A-Y, the chicky shot is really good. Besides the irony and cuteness of shot, the lighting, composition and textures are captured nicely.