May 27, 2009

Day 119 : Cairo

For my first day in Cairo I decided to head to 'Islamic Cairo', an older part of the city. It is filled with winding alleys full of people and products. Almost immediately upon my arrival I was greeted by a local man. He claimed he wasn't a guide (I knew better) and just wanted to point a few things out to me. I was about to tell him to get lost (in a more polite manner of course) until he started bringing me into his friend's shops. Next thing I knew I was winding through these mysterious streets, popping into various leather, barber, and wood working shops (among many others). To my surprise the owners just wanted to say 'Hello!' not 'How can I take your money?' (Believe it or not many of the street vendors do attempt to attract business by using this phrase). This was the kind of 'guide' I was looking for. The following images document some of the situations I found myself in during my day in Islamic Cairo.
The local leather dying shop where I began my journey...

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  1. In regards to your disappointment of modern Egypt, you've managed to capture some intimate moments and what seems like the defining character of Egypt; the people.