May 31, 2009

Day 124 : The Nile River

Day two sailing up The Nile in the Felucca was filled with more lazing around, sketching and reading. Like last night, more boys filled the river bank that we were perched on in an attempt to sell us various handicrafts. When that didn't work they decided to try acrobatic tricks for a change.

A local fisherman pulled up to the Felucca and sold us some Nile Perch. Hassan would clean and cook them for lunch!

Lu Li got quite the work out when the wind died down...

And Mohammed got quite the work out when it was time to put the sails away!

I was amazed at how resourceful these guys can be when it comes to preparing meals in the middle of a river...

The evening's entertainment was a fantastic football game and a sultry sunset.

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