June 10, 2009

Day 138 : Imlil

Today marks the 7 hour trek from Tacheddirt to Imioughlade, our final destination before heading back to Marrakech. The path between these two 'towns' strings a series of small villages together, all of which we would pass through.

I have a real soft spot for these terraced types of villages, mostly for their voyueristic qualities, however, after spending some time in these High Atlas terraced labrynths I started to second guess my attraction. Our presence in each village made most of the locals stop their streetside and rooftop activities to watch our every move. Kind of creepy, but made for a memoriable experience.

Each village, no matter the size, is sure to have a mosque.

Can you spot the home owner waiting for me to get the heck out of her 'yard'?

Berber construction techniques.

Laundry time using water that runs down from the mountain tops.

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