June 11, 2009

Day 144 : Chefchaouen

We took a 5 hour bus ride from Fes to Chefchaouen this morning. It would have been a pleasant ride if it wasn't for the 4 people of the bus that decided to regurgitate their lunch as soon as we hit the winding roads that brought us to the Blue City. It was worth it though. Chefchaouen is magical. For me it was like Morocco meets Disneyworld (all of the non-cheesy aspects of it at least) meets David Bowie and The Labrynth (not sure why, but it's true). My obsession with thresholds got the best of my in Chefchaouen. And my favorite color is no longer black - It's BLUE!

The colors and textures in this city are simply amazing. I had to touch some of them, just to ensure that my eyes were not deceiving me. Upon doing so I realized that a majority of what looks like solid material (whether it is stone, concrete, brick, etc.) is actually hollow! Just empty space infilled with a bit of plaster and paint! It's like Chefchaouen is a massive paper mache city! See some evidence bellow!

Another awesome aspect about Chefchaouen is the way the buildings and stairs respond to the natural topography. This results in a number of small, intimate plazas scattered throughout the hillside.

Even the laundry is BLUE in Chefchaouen!

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