July 22, 2009

Day 160 : Porto

I spent most of today 'on the farm' with Gabriela, but this afternoon I made it in to Porto for a stroll along the river before this evenings Sao Joao festivities began.
Quaint community gardens along the Douro River.
So this eve is the Porto holiday celebrating Sao Joao. Pretty much the craziest thing I have seen in a long time. Around dinner time people begin accumulating in the streets of Porto, finding their way to the nearest barbeque to catch a batch of fresh grilled sardines. After dinner the streets become more and more congested, filled with people eating, drinking, dancing, and just plain old having a good time. Midnight brings a series of firework displays which more or less marks the start of the evening.
Gabriela enjoying some Sao Joao Cotton Candy while an envious onlooker passes by...
My attempt to document dancing in the street. The camera went into hiding soon there after...

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