July 26, 2009

Day 178 : Pamukkale

I have been anticipating my visit to the travertine terraces since the day I began compiling my points of interest during the summer of 2008. I arrived in Pamukkale early this morning after an overnight bus ride from Goreme. I was advised that it is best to visit the 'Cotton Castle' at either sunrise or sunset when the scenery is more magical and the temperatures are more moderate. I began my ascent to the Cotton Castle at 5:00PM. My initial reaction was 'Wow, this isn't exactly what I expected, but beautiful nonetheless'. The travertine terraces unexpectedly emerge from a grass covered landscape creating the illusion of snow capped hills.
Several of the travertine terraces provide pockets where small pools are formed, some of which are deep enough to bath in.

I found the variety of materials and patterns to be astounding.
The terraces at Pamukkale make you think you are in a cold, barren Antarctic landscape. It's hard to believe that mother nature can be so breathtakingly beautiful...

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