October 7, 2009

Day 193 : Guanajuato

I spent today wandering around the small hillside streets of Guanajuato, an activity that honestly, I could never get bored of. The city is extremely charming, despite the fact that it seems a bit more touristy than most of the other spots I have hit in Mexico. It's quite easy to lose yourself in the steep streets. From above Guanajuato appears to be a colorful blanket that's draped delicately over the green topography.
The city reminds me a bit of Chefchouen, Morroco or Jodhpur, India in the sense that the streets create a labrynth-like matrix across the hillsides making me feel like a five-year-old in a game of hide and seek.
The streets, systems, buildings, and thresholds have to respond to the rather steep topography throughout Guanajuato. In many cases the solutions are rather interesting...
A rather interesting anchoring system for a street market canopy.
Construction sites continue to fascinate me, especially when they have to respond to the landscape.

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