October 13, 2009

Day 198 : Nazca

This morning we woke up early to catch a bus from Ica to Nazca where we would fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines. There are numerous theories as to how and why the Nazca People constructed these lines but in general they seem to have some sort of religious and astronomical significance. It seems they thought 'The earth is our canvas and we're gonna draw'. And draw they did. I'll let the images speak for themselves...
The town of Nazca from above...
During the bus ride between Ica and Nazca there were several buildings, both abandoned and lived in, that were plastered with political ads and campaigns.
A roadside cemetary
The suburbs?
There are two ways to view the Nazca Lines. 1) Via a viewing platform or 2) Via a 3-5 passanger airplane. We chose option two and it was well worth it as it provided us with the following views...
After a bumpy, hot plane ride we made our way back to the town if Nazca to wander around a bit before our overnight bus to Arequipa.

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