October 18, 2009

Day 209 : Puno

This morning Toyin and I hopped on a bus from Cusco to Puno. It was a rather long ride, but wow, we traveled through some rather incredible landscapes. One of the many things that piqued my interest was the way in which rural communities tend to draw on the landscape with stone, to outline their territory. From afar it has a rather beautiful effect...
Not sure what this distinct line means, or how it was made, but it's pretty awesome.
Along the way we passed numerous shepards, walking with their sheep, literally in the middle of nowhere...

A roadside cemetary

It was clear when we were nearing Lake Titicaca as the landscape became less arid and more wet. The locals were most definitely taking advantage of this change, using the Lake Titicaca runoff too cool down, do some laundry and wash their vehicles!

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