January 10, 2009

Day 002 : Hong Kong

Day two in Hong Kong brought me to a cemetery, a public housing project, a jade market, and a crazy street market. We decided to do the urban immersion today since tomorrow will be spent in the country side.

Women's Street

Women's Street
I thought the streets of New York City were crowded...but then there was this!

Temple Street

Temple Street
The ceiling of this temple was filled with incense coils which are constantly burning to honor the spirits of the deceased. The aroma and lighting in the space was quite intense.

Street Market - Meat!

Street Market - Tofu!

Jade Market

Jade Market
Good thing I'm not really into jewelry!

Public Housing Project

Typical Hong Kong Cemetery
Most of the Cemeteries in Hong Kong are found on prime hillside real estate like this! The location affords a truly moving experience and a spectacular view. My sources tell me that like the rest of Hong Kong, the cemeteries are becoming increasingly crowded so space is extremely expensive.

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  1. Wow. The dead have a sweet view there in HK. As they should. Otherwise, looks like a pretty miserable place, but as usual quite an appropriate mirror of the city itself.