January 11, 2009

Day 003 : Hong Kong

Day three led me to the country side of Hong Kong to an area called Sai Kung. After taking the subway, minibus, and taxi (only cars with permits are allowed to drive in the country side as a measure to limit traffic) we arrived at our destination. It was breathtaking! After a day full of blood, sweat and cheers (not tears!) we finished our 12.5 mile hike up and down the hills of Hong Kong.

The Scene
This was the scene pretty much everywhere I turned throughout the entire day.

The Trail
Whenever I was beginning to lose steam I just reminded myself 'It could be worse'. Check out the massive backpacks on the guys ahead of us! What an inspiration.

The Peak!
This was the first of three! Up and down, up and down...all day long. Thank goodness for thunder thighs!

The Beach!
Little did we know going down hill would be so hard...

This was Kitty's idea of a short cut! It ended up taking us just as long as if we had stayed on the proper trail. I wish I had my handy dandy Leatherman with me...My Dad always said 'that saw comes in real handy'. Needless to say, after many scrapes, cuts, trips and slips we made it all the way down this hillside to that beach in the distance!

Beach One!

Village Restaurant
At our half way point of 6.5 miles ramen with egg and cabbage never tasted so good! Slurp slurp!

Beach Village

Wet Market
We ended the day in the Sai Kung City Center where we got some refreshments and checked out the Wet Market. From here we caught the minibus back to the subway station.

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