January 11, 2009

Day 004 : Hong Kong

Day four was a bit of a relaxation day for me. I was pretty wiped out after yesterday's intense day of hiking, not to mention I need to rest up for Vietnam (heading there tomorrow evening)! So I slept in this morning, organized some documentation, had a late lunch, then wandered out for a relaxing stroll around the Central and Causeway Bay areas of Hong Kong...

Maid Day
When I stepped out of the subway station onto the main street in the Central area of Hong Kong I found all of these women sitting everywhere along the street. They had colonized every possible inch of free space - even the unused stair case. My helpful host Coleman informed me that every Sunday all of the 'household helpers' in Hong Kong gather to enjoy some rest and relaxation on their only day off. These publics areas within the city become their gathering space for the day. The Central area of Hong Kong draws the Filipino crowd in particular.

Maid Day
As I proceeded further into the crowd of Filipino Women things got more and more territorial. Some started using card board boxes to define the boundaries between them and their neighbors.

Cascading Street Market

Bamboo Scaffolding
I am used to seeing steel scaffolding so at first this bamboo stuff startled me. It looks a bit rickety but seems to work just fine not to mention it's semi-sustainable.

Of some sort I think? Or maybe just a huge sack of animal blood? Not sure...

Street Scene

I think that's the correct term...basically street meats and treats. These people LOVE food!

Urban Threshold
There are many alleyways and thresholds in Hong Kong that have caught my attention in passing. This one in particular lured me in. Inside I found this...

Inside the Urban Threshold
...some crazy electrical wiring as well as an alternative cafe and clothing shop. As I ascended the stairs even further I began to hear what seemed to be bickering Cantonese...so I turned around and headed for the ground!

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