January 20, 2009

Day 011 : The Mekong Delta

My fourth and final day wandering around The Mekong Delta was definitely the most exciting for me. Today I was able to experience first hand the floating markets of Can Tho, Vietnam.

The river was full of these clusters of boats eager to sell their produce.

As I got closer to the boats I noticed that various vegetables were suspended from these long sticks. Apparently this is a form of advertisement, if you will. The stick basically lets others know what types of produce are for sale.

Many of the larger boats were then shifting smaller quantities of their goods to smaller boats which where then sent out to make sales to passing boats.

A few of them approached me, but I was too busy observing life on the river:

It was so interesting to see the various ways that both the people and their homes respond to the river. I had spent the past 4 days traveling throughout the Mekong Delta Region and each day I was more and more intrigued by how this water source truly became a way of life for the people. During the boat ride back to the bus I noticed that the people of Can Tho have their own version of Olafur Eliasson's 'Waterfalls':

During the bus ride back to Saigon I noticed this tomb standing alone in the middle of a field. I thought it was an interesting contrast to the cluttered clusters of tombs on the Hong Kong hillside that I previously posted...

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