January 29, 2009

Day 009 : The Mekong Delta

Today I ventured westward, deeper into the delta region, towards the border between Vietnam and Cambodia. Along the way we passed several beautiful rice fields. It became obvious as to why the Mekong Delta region is nicknamed Vietnam's Rice Basket.

During my ride along one of the many tributaries of the Mekong River I saw many more examples of how making a living in the delta region truly is a family effort...

I found the dwellings along the river to be quite intriguing in terms of both material and construction. Each home was like an inhabitable collage of low-budget, found materials. A common characteristic was the large scale curtain - often times and over sized piece of fabric draped along the 'front' of the home to provide shade from the intense sun.

Once we reached the border between Vietnam and Cambodia I couldn't help but notice WHAT people were transporting across the border and HOW they were doing it!

After checking out the border we headed towards the coastline where I was able to observe some locals at work as well as a beautiful Vietnam sunset:

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