January 30, 2009

Day 010 : The Mekong Delta

Day three in the delta was rather quiet. I spent the morning thigh high in salt water exploring one of the many seaside caves in Ha Tien.

The rest of the day was spent on the road to my final delta destination, Can Tho. On the way I passed several beautiful rice fields, not to mention some interesting architecture.

Click here for Mekong Delta photos!


  1. Very cool blog site and your pictures are great. I am here with your dad viewing everything. He is at my store and we are using my laptop. Give your dad a call he says...lol. Have a great time on your trip around the world and enjoy yourself. Take care,
    Jimmy Rideout Jr.
    Rideout's Pit Stop/JR's Grille
    North Belfast Ave
    Augusta, Maine

  2. Hi Niki,

    This is Pat Pinkham an old friend of your dads. He asked me to come over to his house as he bought a lap top computer so he could see you pictures. Unfortunately I could not figure out the router problem but I will check back in with him to see if he found help. The pictures or awesome!!!!!!

    Your dad is so proud of you. Hope you don't mind that he gave me your blog address. Have a great time as you are having the time of your life. (In case you don't remember me my kids are Lindsey and Justin Pinkham

    Have a great time!!!!!

  3. Thank you not only the well wishes but also helping my Dad become more connected with my travels. Perhaps we will see each other when I return home!