February 3, 2009

Day 014 : Ho Chi Minh City

Today was my last day in Southern Vietnam. This evening I will board a flight to Hanoi! I spent my last hours in the south checking out some of Saigon's largest markets with Lien and Sinh.

This market in particular was pretty psychedelic due to the bizarre lighting and colorful products. I've noticed that the main source of lighting in Vietnam is fluorescent - my WORST enemy (those of your that know me well know about my obsession with lighting)! For the most part I have found spaces to lack comfort if you will, however I was able to tolerate it in this instance. The fluorescent lighting added to the eeriness of the space.

Another one of my worst enemies...

Urban Furniture
Lastly, before I leave Saigon I must attempt to convey how intense the traffic is here. I have tried several times to capture the scene via photographs, but a mute freeze frame just doesn't cut it. So here's a brief video of what I faced every time I crossed the street! It's a wonder I survived...


  1. Where's the video?! Also - the shot of the shoes is exceptional. Love that camera!!

  2. Video takes so long to upload! It's coming...I promise!