February 3, 2009

Day 015 : Hanoi

I spent my first day in Hanoi tooling around via foot, cyclo, and motorbike in an attempt to a get general sense of the city. My initial reaction was : WOW...there is definitely a divide between the north and south. My lovely hostess, Chi, first accompanied me on a cyclo ride to the outskirts of the city where we investigated a fantastic flower market. Business was booming due to the upcoming Vietnamese New Year. The pink blossoms of 'Peach Trees' (the traditional tree of the New Year) were everywhere.

Throughout all of Vietnam the street transforms into selling space on a daily basis.
Later we jumped on the motorbike to see a little more of the city...

Graffiti Advertising

One-Stop-Shop : Who knew you could do your groceries and get your eyebrows plucked simultaneously? After a day of intense observation I headed to my Hanoi home with Chi : 15 Hang Chuoi.

Notice the drainage system in the pavement

Who needs washers and dryers when you have hands and sunshine?!?

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