March 1, 2009

Day 041 : Kumarakom

Today I set out to roam around the village roads of Kumarakom to get myself acquainted with the area. Some of my observations were:
1) This place is like paradise

2) The people are incredibly friendly
3) The use of water is everywhere

4) It's really hot!

Most interesting to me was the way that many of the homes line the numerous canals of the backwaters. As part of the architecture steps and platforms are built stepping down to the waterside. These spaces are used for washing clothes, food, and the body. The canals also act as a transportation system, allowing the locals to get from one location to the next via humble wooden canoes.

For drinking water these large buckets are left by the roadside. Routinely a water supply truck comes by to fill the needed amount. The buckets are then transported back to the homes. When more water is needed the process begins again.

This young lady asked me for 'one pen' in exchange for her photo. For some reason I thought she wanted a pen to write down an address so I could send her the photo. In retrospect I think she wanted money. I handed over my favorite mechanical pencil and before I knew it she was off, sprinting back into her home. Next thing I knew, about other children come running out of the home asking me for 'one pen'. I guess I'll have to pick up one of those fancy mechanical pencils when I get to Japan...

Click here for Kumarakom photos!

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