March 10, 2009

Day 042 : Kumarakom

Today when I woke up I hopped in a 'country-style' boat to take a motorless cruise through some of the many backwater canals. What I found to be most interesting were the many waterside activities that were taking place throughout the backwaters. The lives of these people are totally dependent upon the accessibility of this water supply.

I couldn't help but post this cutie that I ran into on my walk home. He tried to give me this flower, but I thought it looked a lot better on him...
In the afternoon I hopped in a government run ferry that took me across the lake and back for a mere 10 Rupees (about 25 cents). The lake was full of these boats, all packed with men hauling mud up from the bottom of the lake. The mud is then transported to coconut groves to aid in the planting process.

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