May 19, 2009

Day 116 : Ping An

Today I set out for a 4 hour walk across these beautiful green hills from Ping'An through several other villages. Along the way the path became rather unclear at which point a local woman offered her services to me. She was a real charmer. I couldn't resist, not to mention I was bound to get lost without her help. At a certain point along the way she handed me off to one of her two sons. He guided me to the next village which happened to be his own. He invited me in for lunch. I considered this to be my Fair Trade Exchange No. 4. I agreed to join him, his brother, and his wife for lunch. I would offer money for the meal and in exchange have the to opportunity to see them live and work in their private home. It was the best lunch I have had in a long time!

Near the end of my journey I ran into another friendly Chinese Lady. She wanted to feed me (again). I was still stuffed from lunch, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to get to know her and her home.

I was wondering what he was doing, lifting up loose floor boards and all...

Upon a closer look I learned that he was serving dinner to our dinner, Little Miss Piggy.

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  1. Great capture of lady in red and steaming wok.