June 9, 2009

Day 135 : Erg Chebbi

Last night I snuggled up in my sleeping bag and slept under the stars in the desert. I didn't need an alarm clock this morning - The sunrise was enough to get me out of bed. After clearing the sand out of my eyes I hopped back on my camel and headed back to Merzouga.

The way the early morning sun strikes the sand is simply awesome. I've never seen such beautiful colors and forms in my life.

Once we reached Merzouga we hopped back in the Van for a full day of driving back to Marrakech. Along the way I brushed up on my drive-by-shooting again. A few things I spotted along the way were:
A moving Bush...

A bored Moroccan...

A clan of kids...

And some more fabulous landscapes. I can't stress enough how absolutely beautiful the terrain is in this country.

My favorite part of the car journey was the ride through the high Atlas Mountain region. The area is full of these hillside villages, something that has sparked my interest. I will be back again to spend some more time in the mountains.

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