November 2, 2009

Day 212 : Lake Titicaca

I enjoyed my experience at the Uros Floating Islands so much that I decided to return for a second time this morning. It's true, this lifestyle may be a bit primitive and far fetched to imagine modern day people accepting and adjusting to this way of life, but I find some aspects of the Uros Floating Islands to be rather inspirational and potentially influential regarding modern day construction. The idea is rather powerful, that one can construct a self-sustaining society based purely on found, natural materials in the environment.

The local that was kind enough to show me around explained that this particular, pointed roof dwelling was for the Grandparents on the island. The remainder of the family members use dwellings such as the one on the photo above.

One of the local men demonstrated how they cut and anchor the land using typical hand saws and rope. Multiple pieces of land may be fused together through the natural growth process over a short period of time. It's equally easy enough to cut and detach pieces of land in the case of family fueds or trouble with neighbors.

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