March 17, 2009

Day 052 : Agra

My tourist photos of the Taj Mahal do not serve this stunnig masterpiece justice. I'll admit, I was excited to the the Taj, but I didn't anticipate that it would be this sureal. The moment it came into view I thought for sure it was a hologram. I have never seen such an elegant, angelic piece of architecture in my life. The only thing that tainted my meeting with the Taj Mahal was the unfortunate amount of tourists and guides fluttering around. I was tempted to offer a few extra rupees to the security guard in hopes that he would let me in alone before opening hours.

In the afternoon I jumped on a non-AC bus (like a real Indian!) from Agra to Jaipur. The ride was pretty interesting as it took me through the countryside, passing many villages along the way. Non-AC buses are great! You can stick your head right out the window to totally take in your surroundings! Just make sure you have plenty of eyedrops on hand as it can get pretty dusty at times...

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