March 18, 2009

Day 053 : Jaipur

Today was my first day of several in the region of India known as Rajasthan. This afternoon I visited the Amber Fort just outside of the city of Jaipur. The complex is huge, full of dead ends, hanging staircases, and thresholds. I felt like I was a child playing a 3 hour long game of hide and seek...with myself. It was a blast. While getting lost then finding my way again something occurred to me... it's amazing what some red sandstone and a little natural light can do. Here are some images from the Amber Fort...

This kid seemed to be as impressed with the material quality as I was...

Back in the city of Jaipur I wandered the dusty streets, stumbling upon some rather curious scenes...

Street side steps serve as prime seating for people watching.

Now that's using your head...for bread.

Urban agriculture?

I'm slightly obsessed with openings.

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